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The winds of change. Within everyone there is this nagging feeling that something’s gotta give. Some of us have been screaming it at the top of our lungs for years. Many of us just slough it off as just another “one of those things”. That “thing” is the disintegrating health of our planet: our home.

Its an enormous topic encompassing an interconnected web of topics; climate change, air pollution, water pollution, ozone degradation, deforestation, animal endangerment, melting polar caps,  and the list goes on. It’s overwhelming to think of and might make you want to throw your hands up and say, “Ah Phooey! Sounds like we’re doomed no matter what  so why bother caring!”

However, that’s not what makes us human. We are problem-solvers. We just can’t help it. And the funny thing is, a majority of our problems today come from solutions to problems we believed needed to be fixed!  One that I am particularly passionate about is eliminating the epidemic of Plastic Pollution.

And, my guess you are reading this because, you too, are passionate to find a solution.

So, Who am I and why should you care? 

Throughout my life, I began to see a consistent theme; my compassion for all things living. Emphasis on ALL – I am that person who takes spiders elsewhere rather than kill them! My obsession with nature documentaries has left me with a slew of random facts I’m always too eager to share with friends, like “did you know Tasmanian Devils, give birth to over 50 babies the size of rice, but only the fastest and strongest four that make it to the mothers pouch will survive?” –Simply amazing!

I have always been enamored with animals and the environment so I was appalled  when watching a documentary on sea turtles and other ocean critters. In the film, they highlighted one of the biggest threats to sea turtles, amongst other sea animals, is the prevalence of discarded plastic bags. Sea turtles eat the bags mistaking them for a jelly fish and slowly die from the inability to digest it. This struck a nerve with me and my daily priorities began to change. I vowed to save the world, One Turtle at Time!

That said, I am not a scientist, nor am I formally trained in the ways of environmental conservation beyond that of reading Natural Geographic or watching documentaries or getting lost in research on the world wide web!

I am just a regular girl with a regular life; a husband, 2 dogs, “normal” hobbies and activities. I love good food – eating and cooking it – and good company. And I’m obsessed with traveling the world with my Good Ol’Pack or just exploring the great outdoors in my own beautiful backyard on my bike or in our Jeep.  Find me at Yoga Barre toning my buns or the local wine bar toasting my liver (its all about balance, right?). And of course who could ever leave out a good ‘Netflix & chill’!

So, that’s me. And that’s why I know I can relate to you – one regular person to another. I challenged myself years ago to create a lifestyle with less impact and now I want to be an example for you. Proving that each and everyone of us has the capability to foster change without being a specialist or a super-high-powered executive!

So what’s my plan? 

My goal for this blog and starting the Plastic Free YYC Movement is to provide you with the means and know-how to make simple changes in your own life that will impact the world. To help everyone Take The Challenge  to be the change. Reaching you where you are with an understanding of your world and your life.

I want to share what I have done to pursue my fight against plastic pollution; To show my fellow land-locked friends that the health of our ocean directly affects us even if we are miles away from the nearest coastline.  I want to gather with like-minded peeps so together we can make a big difference. I also want to learn from you!

I hope to inspire others to make the changes in their own lives so collectively we can change the world.



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