Plastic-Free: What’s in store for 2019

Happy 2019 fellow Plastic-Free warriors! As we go into the new year, we do so with new goals and aspirations, both as individuals and organisations. We have already been working hard to develop a plan that will bring you more of the events that you loved as well as new and exciting initiatives in 2019. Moving forward, however, also requires the need to reflect on our progress and where we’ve come from. Looking back at 2018, Plastic-Free YYC’s first year of operation, we are proud to see growth, success and a whole lot of learning.

In late 2017, co-founders Isabelle and Briana met for the first time, introduced via instagram. One coffee date later, Plastic-Free YYC was born to lead the charge and be Calgary’s voice for waste reduction and zero-waste living! We hit the ground running, hosting multiple zero-waste meetups that helped foster the ZW movement and connection between like-minded people. February and March were filled with new collaborations, partnerships and events. Our new non-profit was featured in several local publications and our mission was gaining traction in the media. We were thrilled to pioneer the conversation around plastic pollution in Calgary and were excited to see other organisations and business follow suit and step up to the challenge of change.

Throughout 2018, PFYYC led Calgary’s zero-waste movement, meeting and partnering with amazing individuals, businesses and organisations along the way. Joining the movement, there were inspiring eco-warrior student groups, a growing number of fantastic local influencers and bloggers and many new wastefree-focuses businesses. Like a wave, our Plastic-Free movement took Calgary by storm and we saw our movement inspire more amazing community groups to enter this space and start offering new zero waste programs and initiatives. Our team grew from just the two of us to what is now a team of 26 passionate volunteers. The team worked hard throughout the year hosting and participating in over 35 different events throughout the city. Events that all promoted the idea that every action counts and educating Calgarians on simple ways to reduce waste.

The past year has been phenomenal and we could not have gotten thus far or achieved this much without the unwavering support of our followers, our volunteers, our partners and of course our donors. Our passion was supported by monetary and in-kind donations from partners. We also received generous donations from individual Calgarians to help support our mission. A big thank you to all of you! You ROCK! 

The Plastic-Free YYC volunteers are presently working on free educational and engaging events for all ages. We are preparing to launch two new waste-fighting campaigns that promote awareness, explain the problems and present solutions. Our communications team is busy writing new blogs and creating engaging content to help you in your zero-waste journey.  Also new this year is our Zero-Waste Directory to help you find the best low-waste, plastic-free alternatives and support businesses that are helping create change.

In 2018, Collins Dictionary proclaimed that the word of the year was “single-use” (read here) meaning the conversation around single-use plastic and plastic pollution had truly made its debut. It means the world is listening and when the world listens, change is inevitable. We are so pleased to help foster the conversation and look forward to another successful year with you Calgary!

~ Your Team at Plastic-Free YYC

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