Remembering to remember

When we speak about zero waste and plastic free lifestyles, the vocabulary usually contains many ‘R’ words, like rethink, refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle. We focus our attention on creating good habits and making efforts to limit our waste to create a better world for our children and children’s children. Such admirable actions that so many of us strive to make. We all want to see a better future, and do what we can to make it so. Part of creating good habits and change is taking a moment to reflect on the past and to act on one very important R-word at this time of year: Remembrance, 

November is known as a time of Remembrance across the country, and the world. Since 1931, each year at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, it has been a time to gather and to stand in honour of all who have fallen and to acknowledge the courage of those who still serve. 

Remembering the sacrifices of these men and women is a humbling thing. It can truly put into perspective the trials and tribulations of our day-to-day challenges that we may feel are just too hard. We have it pretty easy these days, and we often forget that ever-important ‘R’ as we go about our lives. Remember to have perspective on what is going on in our world, to realize that there are still wars happening today and as you do your part to make our world a bit better, be kind to one another. We remember so that we can learn from, and do better, so we never have another great war. 

As you enjoy the long weekend, be sure to take a moment to reflect on the freedoms and peace in your life, and to remember the men and women who served and sacrificed for all we have today. 

There are so many ways to show your support, and it can be done in a waste-free way: 


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