Our Team is comprised of a passionate, experienced group of volunteers, dedicating spare time and effort to the plastic-free movement.

Board of Directors / Leadership Team


Briana Loughlin, BCom
Co-Founder, Director of Inspiration & Change
E: plasticfreeb@gmail.com  Ig: @plasticfreeb
Briana is an enthusiastic environmentalist hoping to spark a change for healthier planet. Through positive, encouraging words and imagery, she hopes to promote plastic-free living within every individual.

 IMGP0065Isabelle Couture, BA, MPA
Co-Founder, Director of Engagement & Collaboration
E: isabelle@plasticfreeyyc.com Ig: @wastefreeyyc
Isabelle brings a delightful charm to our team and a wealth of knowledge in the world of Zero-Waste. Her passion to reduce waste is unparalleled and infectious. She is dedicated to developing, supporting, and enhancing our partnerships in our community.

17553896_10158508616990158_1155212221512591708_nAmy Woermke, MBA, BASc, BBA
Director of Innovation & Creativity, Board Member ~ Ig: @amyireney
Amy is passionate about sustainable, healthy living and offers in depth expertise in entrepreneurial thinking, strategy and business. A former nutritionist turned business guru, Amy is passionate about volunteering for the greater good and public education toward sustainability. 

Community Relations Team


Caroline Daigle, BA, MA Candidate
Community Relations & Volunteer Manager  ~  Ig: @conciouscaroline
Caroline is passionate about promoting a supportive and dedicated community of like-minded individuals to implement positive change.


April Pyne
Business Development Manager (Corporate)
E: businessinquiries@plasticfreeyyc.com   Ig: @rocky.mountain.rising
April is a strategic thinker, committed to developing PFYYC in an innovative and tactical way. She is eager to grow our sustainability initiatives focusing on the business segment; alongside working with local businesses to find ways to reduce their own waste.

P_20150131_173759Tara Brady
Relationship Manager (Govt/NPO)   ~   E: taralynnbrady@gmail.com
Tara is an experienced Behaviour Therapist, with a unique background in music theory and performance as well as an invested interest in zero waste living. She focuses on minimizing the amount of waste produced in her home, and continues to invest in her sustainable lifestyle.

Charlene Timbol, BCom
Events Manager    ~   E: events@plasticfreeyyc.com
Charlene is a dedicated, mindful consumer in this fast-paced world and hopes to influence others to do the same. She strongly believes in experiential learning, which is why she has now joined our team in order to achieve her pursuit of a healthier and a more sustainable lifestyle and her path towards Events Management.

Keaton McLean
Youth Program Manager   ~   E: keaton.mclean13@gmail.com
Keaton brings a wealth of experience working with young people; empowering them to be themselves and create positive change. He is also a passionate, driven entrepreneur with a desire to find sustainable business solutions. 

Janelle Loughlin, CPHR, BBM
Human Resources Specialist (Talent Recruitment)  ~   E: info@plasticfreeyyc.com
Janelle joins our team as our HR leader, assisting with team development and talent recruitment. Plastic-Free YYC is always looking for passionate, talented contributors to join our team. Janelle is here to help find them. For current roles, click here!

Research & Development Team

Michelle Cong, LEED Green Associate
LCA Researcher, Sustainability Consultant
Michelle joins our team remotely from Toronto, sharing her passion and expertise in carbon accounting and environmental life cycle assessment. Her research helps our cause with relevant, accurate data on plastics in our world. 

Emi Kodral
Content Curator & Researcher, High School Liaison
Emi is a passionate plastic-free advocate in her community. She has recently started her own online campaign and petition to fight plastic pollution in our city, and has joined our team to provide local community information on the issue. 

Kriti Gangahar
Community Researcher, High School Liaison
Kriti is a dedicated animal welfare activist and a passionate community focused individual. she recently moved to Calgary from Delhi last year and is passionate about getting involved with her new Calgarian community.

Marketing & Communications Team

leaLea Luciano
Social Media Coordinator   ~   E: lediluc@gmail.com
Lea is a journalism student, a passionate story-teller and a creative designer, photographer, and imagery artist. She loves engaging others to reduce waste and help everyone have a role in the Plastic-free movement. 

Kelsey Williams
Newsletter Communications Specialist ~ williams.kelsey4@gmail.com
Kelsey brings a wealth of knowledge in communications and marketing strategy. Her talent and skills help make our monthly newsletter great and we are excited to have her lead the charge on the upcoming 2019 campaign – BYOC (Bring Your Own Container. She is passionate about sustainability and is dedicated living a more plastic free lifestyle. Interestingly, she is also a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant. 

Ban The Bag YYC – Campaign Team

S Stoyles 01Sarah Stoyles, BCom
Campaign Manager ~  E: contact@banthebagyyc.com Ig: @banthebagyyc
Sarah’s avocation is waste minimization. She strives to influence Calgarian’s to create policy change on single use disposable plastic bags. She is eager to connect with like-minded individuals who also share ambitions for sustainable living.

MSE Headshot 03 (1)Mona Enachescu, MSc Candidate, BScH, BSc, P.Geo
Campaign Manager ~ E: contact@banthebagyyc.com   Ig: @banthebagyyc
Mona is an environmental justice enthusiast who believes in the collective commitment of individuals to living more sustainably. She hopes to influence others to live more kindly, lightly and ethically with the environment.

Amy Refugia RetreatsAmy Spark
Campaign Coordinator  ~ E: contact@banthebagyyc.com
Amy works in the intersection between ecological and mental health. She is the Sustainability Coordinator at Bow Valley College and is the co-founder of Refugia Retreats. She is an X-files enthusiast, avid reader, and likes to use products as long as possible – including her flip phone.

Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling Campaign

Trecia C. Kilback
Campaign Manager   ~  E: treciakilback@ewb.ca
Trecia is a fourth year Schulich construction engineering student, dedicated to finding solutions around construction and demolition waste. Trecia will lead her campaign team to bring attention to and address waste created by construction and demolition activities within Calgary.

Our growing team is here for you! We want to encourage you to be your best at reducing plastic waste and overall impact on our planet. If you have any questions, comments, ideas to share, please Contact Us .

Please note: we are fully volunteer-based, so bare with us as we find the time to respond.