Welcome! Plastic Free YYC is a local volunteer-run organisation operating within the traditional territories of the people of the Treaty 7 region in Southern Alberta, created to bring awareness about plastic pollution in our environment.

Vision: We envision Calgary to be first major prairie city to be plastic-free. 

Mission: Providing local and global information to live a plastic free lifestyle, as well as show through education how plastic affects all organisms and ourselves. The plastic-free movement tends to be more prominent in coastal regions therefore this organisation aims to bring awareness to all “land-locked” citizens.

Integrity ~ Education ~ Inclusion ~ Community ~ Collaboration 


At the beginning of 2017 co-founder, Briana, created a simple website to share concerns about plastic waste in her city.  For many years she saw this missing puzzle piece in the fight against plastic to save our oceans: awareness of plastic pollution in our oceans as seemed to be lost on landlocked cities and their citizens. Populations living far away from any coastline or major body of water are not exposed to the true affect plastic waste has on our oceans. To help shed light on the issue and promote awareness through education and simple blog posts, Plastic-Free YYC was born.

Through the powers of social media, co-founders, Isabelle Couture and Briana Loughlin found each other and began collaborating on Plastic-Free YYC initiatives in late 2017.  The organisation has become a well-known group in the city of Calgary.  Focusing on partnership, and communication with differing individuals to ensure the conversation about plastic pollution is inclusive.  The Plastic-Free YYC team now consists of eight extremely talented and passionate individuals, from the life the vision and mission of the organisation.

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