We are thankful to have such a supportive community that help us meet our goals. If you are looking to contribute to the success of our work and help the cause to reduce plastic in our world here are some ways:

Here’s how your monetary support will make a difference: 

$5 per month will pay-it-forward.We believe everyone should be able to learn about waste reduction, so we keep our events free as much as possible. Yet, sometimes we have to charge entry fees to cover speaker and venue costs. Donating $5 per month will ensure waste reduction remains accessible to all. 

$15 per month pays for our online event platform. Since in person meet-ups are not possible these days, supporting us at $15 per month enables us to keep up the fight for plastic-free online.

$25 per month sponsors a boosted social media post.By sponsoring a boosted social media post, you will be helping us reach and inspire untapped audiences.

Choose the amount that that works for you! 

When you click donate you will be given amount options.

Non-monetary Support Wish List:

  • Event Venue Space for Zero Waste meet-ups (up to 35 ppl, post-covid)
  • Certified Accountant support on filing taxes and notarizing annual reports
  • Marketing Supplies – signage for events, table clothes, other
  • Small Storage Space rental

We are very thankful to receive support in forms of services, supplies or venue use. Getting special discounts can also a welcome treat.

If you have other awesome donations that could help, please contact Mackenzie at mackenzie.pfyyc@gmail.com