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Sunnyside Market: bulk spices, bulk dish, laundry soap, shampoos and conditioners

Community Natural Foods: bulk maple syrup (yes, maple syrup!), bulk spices, bulk nuts, seeds, flours, dried fruit, etc.

Unwrapped Life: low waste, refillable, sustainable soaps and cleaners for body, hair and home

Calgary Meats: local, grass fed/free range/sustainable meats. Staff happily tares and uses your own containers

Bulk Barn : bulk everything

Waste-Free Home Calgary: Fellow, local blogger. Inspirational.

lifewithoutplastic.com: an awesome CANADIAN online store for every alternative to plastic


Plastic Purge by Michael SanClements Ph.D.


He also has a pretty rad website too! http://www.mikesanclements.com

SanClements, Michael PhD. (2014). Plastic Purge – How to use Less Plastic, Eat Better, Keep Toxins Out of Your Body, and Help SAVE the Sea Turtles

Zero Waste Home – Bea Johnson The rock-star of the Zero-waste movement! Grab her book or follow her online.


A key player in the fight against plastic pollution in our oceans is Take 3 for the Sea.

This take-action NPO is an inspiring and community-engaging organisation based in Sydney, Australia. Follow them for some great insight into how just one person can make a difference.

Zero Waste Canada (ZWC)  

a NPO focused on teaching Canadians to waste less, advocates at all government levels to promote responsible resource management and policies, all the while providing education and awareness of our need to use less.