The Last Straw Calgary

The Last Straw is an initiative to encourage bars and restaurants to go straw-free or straw-on-request.

The Last Straw Calgary is a campaign presented by Plastic-Free YYC, a grassroots non-profit aimed at reducing single-use plastic by raising awareness about the overall impact of plastic on our community and our planet.  We hope to inspire individuals, collaborate with businesses, and encourage governing bodies to evoke change and ultimately helping Calgarians lead a plastic-free lifestyle.

The competition against Edmonton’s Waste Free YEG, is over but Last Straw Calgary Campaign continues! If you are a Straw-on-Request establishment, let us know. Next steps include showcasing our straw-free city to municipal leaders to help them create effective policies around single-use plastics.

Visit the campaign page for more info.

If you are interested in joining us in saying no to straws in your business, please contact us at

Ban the Bag YYC

Join us in our campaign to tell our leaders, it’s time to say no to the plastic bag!

Canadians use 2.86 billion plastic bags per year, filling landfills, polluting communities and harming the environment. That’s 7.8 million a day.

We believe bag bans or bag levies work because they force a change in habit across the masses. Our goal is to encourage our municipal leaders to adopt policies that will help our city become more sustainable. To learn more about our bag ban campaign, visit

Take Action Now! 

Sign the petition to Ban the Bag in Calgary: Ban the Bag YYC PETITION

Send your city council member an email or letter demanding change!
Find drafted, ready-to-go emails to your mayor or city councilor HERE

Calgary has the opportunity to lead and demonstrate to the world that it is committed to a more sustainable future. So Calgary, its time to let your voice be heard.

If you are interested in joining us in this venture, please contact us at

Coming 2019 – Construction & Demolition Waste Campaign

Our newest campaign will address waste created by construction and demolition activities within Calgary. As it stands now, more than 90% of this waste is being taken to the landfills. A lot of these materials are raw and are easily recyclable, yet they are not being diverted from landfills properly.  In a project led by our Campaign Manager, Trecia Kilback, a fourth year Schulich construction engineering student, she found that from one construction site approximately 472 tonnes of waste (e.g. steel, wood, drywall, asphalt, concrete) was produced. Thankfully the company in this study commissioned a waste management provider to sort the materials and recycle it and was able to recycle 93% of the materials.

Many countries in Europe (e.g. U.K, Netherlands, France) have a law in place that mandate new constructions to divert min 75% of their waste. Nova Scotia is a province that has enforced a similar law. Thinking of all the projects in Calgary, and the waste that is produced but is sent to the landfill is deplorable and we plan to create a campaign petitioning change within our city.


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