Plastic-Free Holiday Crafts

‘Tis the season everyone’s inner-artist comes out to play! DIY decorations, homemade gifts or baking sweet treats can be fun, reduce waste and save money. Read more on Plastic-Free Holiday Crafts!

Plastic-Free Newsletter Vol. 10

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Plastic-Free Holiday Gift Ideas

Looking for gift ideas that your family, friends and the earth will equally love? Gifts that are meaningful and promote a less wasteful lifestyle? Here is a specially curated list that will minimize waste this holiday season.

Plastic-Free Newsletter Vol 9

The Clothes We Wear Staying on top of fashion trends can be stressful, on our sanity, our health, and our planet! From the stress of fitting in to the simple, yet stressful task of getting dressed in the morning, the clothes we wear seem to be causing a lot of headaches! We’ve put together some useful information, … Continue reading Plastic-Free Newsletter Vol 9