We are thankful to have such a supportive community that help us meet our goals. Thank you to our current sponsors.

Monetary Donations

Cash donations help us cover our operation costs, things like technology costs, domain fees, event supplies and registration fees, and some office supplies. Your donation will also help us to offer free or low cost educational events. Your donation can also keep us focused on waste-reduction efforts.

Choose the donation amount that works for you!

Pay-it-forward Donation – $5

Sometimes we have to charge fees tor our events but the cost can be a barrier to many. We strongly believe ALL Calgarians should be able to learn about waste reduction. A donation of $5 can help cover the cost of attendance for someone less fortunate.


Digital Costs Donation

Much of what we do is online, using the most up-to-date programs and digital platforms to help spread our message. Being digital can cost a lot. A donation of $25 will cover monthly fee for our website or 2 months of our newsletter program.


Service or Supplies Donations

We are very thankful to receive support in forms of services, supplies or venue use. Getting special discounts can also a welcome treat.

If you are looking to support us in such ways, please email info@plasticfreeyyc.com

Wish List:

  • Event Venue Space for Zero Waste meet-ups (up to 35 ppl, post-covid)
  • Non-Profit Corporation Tax filing support
  • Marketing Supplies – signage for events, table clothes, other
  • Graphic Designing services
  • Small Storage Space rental

If you have other awesome donations that could help, please contact Briana at info@plasticfreeyyc.com