Supporting this amazing initiative to reduce plastic bags, led by community of new Canadians in Calgary working for the well-being of our planet.

Bag by Bag Calgary

(Partner Organisation)
Reducing plastic bags and empowering women

Plastic-Free YYC is pleased to be able to support this grassroots initiative, run by community of immigrant women working for the well-being of our planet.

This non-profit organisation is working towards creating non-plastic options for the purchase of fruits and vegetables. They sew and distribute cloth bags which are affordable, non-disposable, lightweight, see through, washable, reusable, reparable and made with second-hand or surplus materials, assuring users zero-waste during their making process and proper recycling for their disposal.

These produce bags are available with a donation to the ANIW (Alberta Network for Immigrant Women)

They are helping municipalities by reducing the domestic recycling volume and waste which contributes to the contamination of our environment.

In addition to reducing the use of plastic bags, this group also focuses on addressing waste and pollution caused by the textile industry. This industry contributes to the pollution and contamination of our planet. By exclusively using fabrics already in existence for this project, they are reducing and avoiding the manufacture of new fabrics.

Bag by Bag not only helps to reduce waste, but they aim to support and empower other newly immigrated women, teaching them how to sew and providing them a warm welcome to our community. A militant movement working with volunteers willing to get trained by qualified seamstresses on how to manufacture these bags.

Collaborating with and supported by:

Western Leadership Program
They donated sewing machines.

International Sewing Machines (1815 Centre St NW, Calgary)
Supports by fixing and maintaining our donated sewing machines.

WINS (Women in Need Society)
Donate to us second-hand materials for the manufacture of bags.

ANIW (Alberta Network for Immigrant Women)
Provide us the funds needed for the repairs of the sewing machines.


Our volunteers receive the same sewing machine, they are trained on once they achieve the required standards in the manufacture of these bags.

They acquire the means to sew items of their choice for their own benefit.

Occupational therapy.

Sense of belonging and being a part of a growing, supportive community

For more information on how you can get involved or support email: