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Pathways to Plastic-Free Series

Introducing a city-wide webinar series on plastic pollution and solutions, featuring local leaders, activities, and concrete tips that will pave a path to being plastic-free both personally and as a community. We look forward to engaging with all Calgary residents in a series of up to six inspiring sessions. Each webinar will be a collaboration with a different Calgary community group and be free to attend.
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These events are part of the Pathways to Plastic-Free Initiative funded by the Alberta Ecotrust. Thank you to our local sponsor Community Natural Foods!

Session #5: Recycle and Compost Right in YYC

Date: March 31st, 2022
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: Zoom Event
Cost: FREE
Guest Speaker: Sharon Howland, City of Calgary

Are you a wishcycler? Many of us practice aspirational recycling, putting items in our recycling bins without truly knowing whether or not they are acceptable and can be turned into something new.

With so many new plastic packaging products on the market each and every day we know it can be confusing to figure out what and why certain plastics are acceptable while others are not. Our City of Calgary expert Sharon Howland is here to break it all down, providing you with simple tools and guidance to help you know what goes where.

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Led by RCA and carried out by the Plastic-Free YYC team and other amazing organisations.

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About Zero-Waste Meet-ups are casual gatherings Plastic-Free YYC hosts regularly to bring together like-minded, compassionate, and curious Calgarians. A fun forum to learn about ZW goals, challenges and ideas to help each other strive for a little less waste. We will be hosting a quarterly meetup and thinking about ways we can remain mindful of our waste throughout the year.

*PLEASE NOTE: we strive to make our events accessible and affordable to all Calgarians.
Please reach out to us if you would like to attend but cost is a concern. Zero Waste if for everyone and we want to be able to make it so. events@plasticfreeyyc.com