Dress appropriately for the weather.

Wear sturdy, closed-toed footwear.

Wear a hat, put on sunscreen, bring water and insect repellent.

Practice safe social distancing  (stay two metres away from other people at all times)

Wear protective gloves 

Do not touch unknown items, syringes, glass or other sharp objects. Contact 311 to report their location.

Do not remove large items (bikes, tires, sleeping bags, etc). Contact 311 to report their location.

Take breaks. Drink water and wash or sanitize your hands before having a snack.

Share your cleanup story.

Have fun!

Dispose of the trash appropriately in a City of Calgary bin or your black bin, if possible. If you have collect a large amount of trash, group bags together and place them one metre off a paved (asphalt) pathway for pick up by City staff. Call 311 to report the location of your bags or return to this page and complete the form above.

Stay safe when walking around your community by abiding to government announced distancing rules https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/publications/diseases-conditions/social-distancing.html.