Virtual Zero Waste Festival 2020

Western Canada’s largest zero waste festival:
bridging the way to plastic-free living

August 27 – 30, 2020

Thank you for attending!

For your viewing pleasure, you can now watch (or watch again!) the Zero Waste Festival. Session recordings are now available on our youtube channel at the link below.

Zero Waste Festival in numbers

15 Sessions
26 Speakers spanning 9 cities and 2 countries 
200+ Attendees 
Total reach leading up to festival: 10,125

The Zero Waste Festival is an event that welcomes everyone interested in learning how to live more sustainably. This is done through practical workshops, informative sessions from leaders within the zero waste movement, and the showcasing of innovative plastic-free solutions. In 2020 we heard from zero waste influencers and innovators like The Zero Waste Chef, Zero Waste Daniel, and Buzzfeed’s Auri Jackson. We also learned from Calgary-based companies like The Apothecary in Inglewood and Kent of Inglewood as well as big industry disruptors like Coca-cola and IKEA. It was a pleasure to see you at our Zero Waste Fest Online.

Want to know more about the festival? We would love to hear from you!