Zero Waste Festival Program

11:00 AM – Grand Opening with  ♪ ♫ Lisa Anderson ♪ ♫ 

Lisa’s silly, fierce, perky, and passionate indie-pop reflects the struggles and joys of embracing all life has to offer – the dark, the blissful, and the grey in between. She was recently a top ten finalist in the 2018 Canadian Songwriting Competition, was nominated for two YYC Music awards, and was awarded an honorable mention at the 2015 Calgary Folk Festival songwriting competition. She regularly performs around Canada and recently toured Europe to promote her second album “A Hundred Lives”. Ultimately, Anderson recognizes the wanderlust that inspires people to step out of their comfort zones in search of the human experience. Her combination of storytelling, self-deprecating humour, and quirky songs resonates as deeply as her voice.

11:30 AM – Welcome remarks and an intro to living a life less-plastic

Join Isabelle, Sarah, and Briana as they share the fun behind creating the festival, give thanks to all the community support, and showcase how you too can live a more plastic-free life. Learn how to make the most of the festival to boost your learning and enhance your zero-waste journey.

12:00 PM – ♪ ♫ Shea Iles ♪ ♫    

Shea Iles is a multi-instrumentalist, influenced by a wide variety of genres including jazz, rock and pop, classical and new music. Representing our northern parts, Shea hails from Grande Prairie, Alberta. He is headed into his 4th year of MacEwan University’s Composition program after completing a term abroad.

12:30 PM – Hope for the Future: Calgary youth who are leading the plastic rebellion

Meet Mya Chau and Willa Vipond, two amazing young ladies who are paving the way towards a plastic-free, zero-waste world.

Mya Chau is a junior high youth, part of the daring duo who are taking on global coffee giants, Starbucks and Tim Hortons. She will share how she and her friend Eve dared to challenge these big corporations to change their ways by collecting thousands of signatures to fight against the wasteful take-out cups.

Willa Vipond is an eleven year old, grade five student attending Hillhurst School. In 2018 she became passionate about decreasing Calgary’s plastics use, and assisted Plastic-Free YYC’s petition effort. She is a founding member of the Kensington Clean-up Club, a group of grade 5 girls working at the community level on environmental issues. In June of 2019 she spoke at Calgary City Council advocating for a city ban on single use plastics.

We look forward to hearing from these young leaders on their thoughts about their future and our collective responsibilities to clean up our act.

1:00 PM – ♪ ♫ God Spilt the Milk ♪ ♫   

Tearing up the Calgary music scene, God Spilt the Milk is a local indie, funk, soul group you don’t want to miss.

1:45 PM – Words of wisdom: Zero Waste Leader and Entrepreneur, Jill Hawker of The Apothecary in Inglewood

Festivals like this one are simply not possible without support from the community and amazing sponsors. Jill Hawker is the brains behind Calgary’s original zero-waste refillery (The Apothecary). She has been a guiding beacon for Calgarians as we navigate our way towards living more waste free.

1:45 PM – A word from our supporter – CLMC

2:00 PM – Fashion Evolved: A panel discussion on sustainable clothing and smart shopping,

Join Thomas Mo of Fashion Revolution, as he moderates this special panel focused on our fashion industry, it’s effects on our world and the ways we can help reduce the impact.
Thomas is the founder of both Alberta Apparel and Greater Canada Apparel. As a leader and expert in retail fashion, he sees a great need for everyone to know and understand where their clothing comes from in order to slow down the fast fashion movement. Thomas wants to educate people on the Made in Canada movement, promote it, and encourage consumers to buy less, but buy smart.
The Panelists:
Jen Jensen is the owner and chief operator of Thrifty Princess consignment boutique on Edmonton Trail. She has always had a passion for creative enterprises as well as supporting the local community and working towards environmental and economic sustainability. Let’s adjust our crowns and get the party started!
Leela Jacobs, founder of Leela Jacobs Collective was inspired to open the pop up boutique after learning about the over-stock businesses carry season to season. Giving these brand new clothes a second chance is a way to benefit the stores and give consumers a different approach to supporting local businesses. Her own passion of finding unique pieces from vintage to local designers, mixing old and new to create her own style grew the idea which launched in 2018. Leela is committed to give clothing a second life and create a new way for consumers to think about shopping
Alena Tran is a Calgary-based sustainable style blogger and ethics advocate, visit her blog. Combining her love of writing and visual aesthetics with a passion for human rights, she educates readers about the fashion industry today while guiding and encouraging them on their journey towards a conscious closet. In her spare time, she runs an online vintage store, Truce Clothing, with her sister.

3:00 PM  – Living Zero Waste in Calgary: A Conversation with local ZW Influencer, Tidy Guy

Rik Mantel created Tidy Guy, a blog and Instagram page, as a means to explore the intersection of human impact on the world and lifestyle – built on a foundation of science, facts, and healthy living. Tidy Guy dives into living a zero waste, vegan, and minimalist lifestyles—from small DIY replacements to big picture life changes, Tidy Guy demonstrates that living simpler with less waste can be a change that benefits the world we live in. Rik grew up in a small town in Texas, USA, and now happily calls Calgary home with his partner and his dog. By day he works for a local software startup but by night he’s learning ways to reduce his waste and environmental impact.

3:30 PM – ♪ ♫ Erin Grace ♪ ♫  

Erin Grace is an artist with a dynamic sound in her newest single release “Moonlight”. Originally from Edmonton, she grew up singing with her family in church. Early on she realized that music was a huge part of her life, so in 2018 she moved to Calgary to pursue her passion of music. She has spent the last year writing music and broadening her horizon in music. Her music is inspired by life, heartbreak, hard times, and good times. And she wants to share that with the world.

4:00 PM – Living mindfully and joyfully with KonMari, Helen Youn

Helen Youn is a professional organiser specializing in the KonMari Method™. Discovering this method as an overwhelmed new mom after reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo and she decided to make a change. After experiencing life-changing results first-hand, Helen felt compelled to pursue extensive training with Marie Kondo and became one of the first Certified KonMari Consultant in the world and a KonMari Consultant speaker. Using the principles of the KonMari Method™, Helen guides and supports people through this life-changing journey to live more joyfully and mindfully while transforming their homes into a clutter free and easy to maintain space. Life truly begins after you have put your home in order.

This festival and the growing zero waste movement is made possible by supportive local businesses – our sponsors.

5:00 PM – ♪ ♫ Adelina Castle and Jordan Clermont  ♪ ♫

Adelina Castle and Jordan Clermont combine their unique approaches to songwriting, blending elements of folk, pop, and rock into melodic confessional songs layered with soothing harmonies. Adelina’s smooth, smokey voice coupled with Jordan’s emotive vocal style grants them the ability to enchant listeners, with melodies that hang in your mind for days.

5:30 PM –   ♪ ♫ Eugene Saunders (the MC himself) ♪ ♫