Frequently Asked Questions

Can donations be made?
Donations to our nonprofit group are appreciated and will be accepted at either of the Plastic-Free YYC tables at the entrances.
Plastic-Free YYC will also be selling fundraising merchandise for you to chose from.

Where can I find the speaker and music schedule?
The speaker and music schedules are available at the Plastic-Free YYC tables.

What is the program schedule?
Please see the Program Schedule here.

Can I ask questions during the speaker sessions?
Guests may ask questions but, depending on the speaker, they may have to wait until the end of the session.

Can I bring my dog to the festival?
Yes! Furry friends are welcome to attend.

Is the event wheelchair accessible?
Yes. The festival is in a public use area with paved pathways and access points.

How much is admission to the festival?
The Zero Waste Festival is free of charge for all attendees.

When will the door prize winners be announced?
Prize winners will be announced during the speaker sessions.

Is the event cash only?
Payment options depend on our vendors but most of our vendors will accept cash or credit.

Where are the bathrooms?
Portable toilets and wash stations will be found near the festival entrance, next to the garbage.

Where are the Plastic-Free YYC tables?
The Plastic-Free YYC tables are located at the entrance to the festival as well as at the far end, opposite of the portable toilets.

Where is the train station?
C-Train access can be found at both the Memorial Train Station and the City Hall Train Station.

Where is parking available?
Parking space is available in the following locations:

606 Confluence Way SE 525 6 Ave SE 
539 7 Ave SE724 4 St SE 
510 8 Ave SE 1300 Zoo Rd NE