Minimalistic Christmas Tree Craft

Leading a plastic-free or low-waste lifestyle often means adopting a minimalist living style as you begin to focus on reusing or recreating with things you already have. Whether it’s a small budget, small space or just the desire to not buy anything new, it can be a challenge to decorate and add some cheer to your home during the holidays. But with a little creativity and taking on a new perspective, creating something out of nothing is possible.

Just check out this fun project Nisha took on to make herself a merry little, cardboard Christmas tree! She saw this on image on pinterest and happened to have some extra large cardboard lying around, so she grabbed her scissors and got to work! Here’s a step-by-step guide to create these easy and really pretty holiday decorations!

Step 1: Find any old scrap of cardboard. I had an old cupboard with a flimsy back, so just took that part off! The larger the cardboard the better if you want a bigger “tree”.

Step 2: Find a friend to help you! Crafts are so much more fun when you get to blare the Christmas tunes and craft together.  
Use a ruler or measuring tape to draw the straight lines of your tree shape.

Step 3: Cut along the lines! Use scissors or a utility knife to cut along the lines. If you use a knife, be sure to put something down underneath to protect your floors!

Step 4: there are two styles you can choose from to hang the lights. Style 1: Cut slits in the side of the tree and wrap a strand of lights around, placing the light strand in the slits along the way. Style 2: Using a punch or a screwdriver, punch out holes throughout the tree and pop the little lights through to make it look more like the pinterest picture.

nisha_tree4Simple and stylish and perfect for the minimalist.

There are many new ideas popping up on how to reduce consumption over the holidays from gift-giving to wrapping to decorations. The idea of reusing what you have or creating something out of what would be trash, is such a fun way to change things up during the season, all the while reducing your impact on the world.

Have a wonderful holiday! 

~ Nisha & Briana