A Low-Waste Recipe for a Clean Yoga Mat

With gyms and yoga studios being temporarily closed, I’ve started more intense at-home workouts that have turned my yoga mat into a full purpose work out mat. With this increased use, I started thinking it might require a solid whip down. Not wanting to use harsh chemicals or buy a new cleaner, I opted for this simple at-home mat cleaner.

I just had to share this simple recipe that will thoroughly clean your mat, remove any footprints or handprints that might be lingering and have your mat smelling fresh again. This simple recipe will enable you to utilize items you will likely already have in your home or mix and match with potential alternatives.

So here it is..

Grab a little bowl and a dishcloth or paperless paper towel.
Add 1-part warm water (I used ½ a cup), 1-part vinegar – cleaning or white (1/2 a cup), and about 4-drops of lemon essential oil cleaning grade (or whatever you have).
Lastly, you could incorporate an essential oil that has disinfectant properties… I happened to have Thick as Thieves from the Apothecary on hand. I added two drops.

You can substitute a few things, depending on what you have at home.. For example, the lemon essential oil can be replaced with grapefruit and lavender essential oil or even lemon juice! The Thick as Thieves can be substituted with tea tree oil and peppermint or any blend or favourite oil for cleaning. Remember the next time you’re on the mat in Childs pose; you’ll be sniffing that scent, so make your solution with your personal preference.

Once you’ve made your mat cleaning solution soak your cloth and give your mat a vigorous whip, letting the mat air dry. If you want, you can also mix this solution into a spray bottle and spritz your mat in-between the deep clean.

~ Joscelyne

Bonus tip: this spray can be used around the house for other surfaces