3 ways to give waste-free this Valentine’s Day

Whether you are celebrating your long-time relationship, hanging out with your best friend, or giving your first gift to your new crush, here are three zero-waste gift ideas this Valentine’s Day at any price range. 

Act of Service

Only loving partners and best friends go to the trouble of helping out with a nasty chore. So put on some elbow grease and get going on those acts of service like finally repainting that room, cleaning their fridge, or vacuuming and washing their car. It may not be classic romance, but for those who prefer not to receive gifts, this can be one of the best ways to show your affection.

Gift Cards

Add a few personalized touches and your gift card will mean something special. After the card is used, take it to The Apothecary for recycling.

  • Movie lover: Pair a gift card to the cinema with homemade caramel popcorn and their favourite candy from a bulk store
  • Romantic: Pick up some natural massage oil like almond or coconut oil to give alongside a gift card to your local adult shop
  • Outdoor lover: Any outdoor store gift card paired with a homemade dehydrated meal means you’ll save time and dine successfully on your next backcountry trip


Experiences are truly the gift that keeps giving, since the anticipation is sometimes as enjoyable as the experience itself – think of the last time you dreamed about a vacation! At any price range, you can find an experience you both enjoy.

  • Low budget: Try ice skating in Bowness Park or in the mountains, or channeling your inner kid at a toboggan hill
  • Medium budget: Take a walk with the penguins at the Calgary Zoo or book tickets to an upcoming concert
  • High budget: Your partner or friend will appreciate season’s tickets to the theatre or a visit to the Nordic Spa!
Take advantage of winter’s free activities.
Photo by Isi Parente on Unsplash

With a little creativity, you can ditch the disposable candy wrappers and make your Valentine’s Day about what really matters: experiences and memories with loved ones.

~ Andrea