Zero-wasting From a Distance

Times are tough, things are uncertain and questions are being left unanswered, hanging in limbo. However, this forced adaptation to a new way of living is bringing fresh ideas and exciting opportunities all across our city. From individuals discovering new hobbies at home to workplaces shifting perspective on productivity of work-from-home options to small businesses uncovering operations they never thought was possible. We have found a way.

Zero waste choices may be taking a hit in the bulk aisles of your local grocery stores, but with all the new ideas surfacing, zero waste living is still possible. Many local businesses have quickly adapted their operations to ensure we can still reduce our waste. And of course, they are ensuring the survival of their business in this time of distant living. It’s exciting to now have the choice to maintain low waste living and support the local business we love.  

Buy local, buy low waste

Here are a few zero waste stores now offering a delivery option for all your favourite zero waste, bulk items. While they are not refilling your own containers at the moment, many will take back the jars they are shipping in at a later time. 

Local Breweries have also stepped it up a few notches to make sure we can still enjoy our local brews in the comfort of our own homes. Check out to get your fave brew dropped on your doorstep. Again, once it’s safe, growlers can be returned and refilled. 

Looking to support local farmers, try the following to have local produce, bread, meat, cheeses, and even seeds! delivered to your door:

Or prepare for the warmer harvest season – sign up for your harvest box with YYC Growers

There are many more LOCAL businesses out there delivering or offering curbside pickups. Let’s do our part to support our local faves. If you’re anything like our team, you have more than one favourite local shop so picking just one can be hard. So, switch it up each time you need to buy some provisions and give each a turn.

Buying power has never been so strong… how will you use yours? 

~ Briana

(Please note: this is not a sponsored post, we simply want to keep our plastic-free/zero-waste community alive. We know there are many other places out there to mention, we will do our best to share with you these options on Instagram and Facebook.) 

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