Plastic-Free Newsletter Vol. 8 September

Get ready for an awesome Autumn with us (despite the weather thinking it's Winter already). Our team has been growing fast and working hard to bring you some very exciting, waste-free events! CAN A SIMPLE PHONE APP HELP CLEAN UP OUR LITTER?   Using geotags to provide insight into problem areas and commonly found brands and products, … Continue reading Plastic-Free Newsletter Vol. 8 September

Plastic-Free Spotlight: The Dandelion Cafe

Meet The Dandelion Cafe. A cafe that truly embodies the essence of its namesake; a bright, colourful disruption within the monotone shades of the norm. Much like the rogue, little yellow flower, this cafe is a bit different and unexpected, popping up in our backyard and packing a wealth of unexpected healthy goodness. However, unlike … Continue reading Plastic-Free Spotlight: The Dandelion Cafe

Plastic-Free Spotlight: Naked APE Apparel

Meet Naked Ape Apparel, a Calgary-based online boutique and our first official Plastic-Free YYC sponsor. Fueled by friends Sheila and Monika, Naked Ape Apparel offers stunning handcrafted bracelets made of semi precious gemstones. Several designs are even adorned with lava rocks which can absorb your favourite essential oil! Naked Ape Apparel began out of a … Continue reading Plastic-Free Spotlight: Naked APE Apparel

Plastic-Free Newsletter Vol 2

The past month has been about connecting with community and finding "our people". We have also been busy researching, discussing, planning and preparing an effective strategy to help reduce plastic pollution and our reliance on single-use plastics within our community. We achieved this by attending conferences such as the 2018 Alberta EcoTrust Environmental Gathering to connect with environmental, … Continue reading Plastic-Free Newsletter Vol 2