Reducing waste during COVID

All of us have been faced with many challenges this year, including our efforts to reduce waste. From closed businesses to cancelled events to shut down recycling centers… it’s definitely rough. But with challenges, comes change and creative solutions. So don’t fret and read on for positive ideas to stay safe and still reduce waste.

Our team is working hard with other organisations to make sure you have all the information and great solutions to maintain your low-waste lifestyles. Briana, our Co-founder joined Waste Free Edmonton and Environment Lethbridge on a podcast hosted by the Recycling Council of Alberta. Tune in for ideas on how to Albertans can maintain positive environmental actions during COVID-19. It is an inspiring discussion of the challenges and opportunities after the pandemic.

Listen now: RCA Podcast

Or read through the related press release from this awesome Albertan crew of waste-free warriors, click here.

Recycling in Calgary, on hold

In recent news, the City of Calgary’s recycling centre had to suspend operations due to a COVID outbreak. Sadly they had to send tons of recyclables to the landfill. Even after re-opening this week their capacity to handle the city’s recyclable material is low. Much of our recyclable waste will still make its way to the landfill. What can you do? Simply hold on to your blue bin stuff just a while longer. Stay tuned to when the city lets us know when their capacity is back up to normal.

Zero waste events

We were sad to announce that due to COVID-19, the outdoor Zero Waste Festival will not be taking place as planned in July. However, we are excited to announce that we will, instead, be hosting a special online edition of our Zero Waste Fest from August 27th – 30th.

So, what can you expect from Zero Waste Fest online? Trust us, you’re still in for an amazing experience. Between innovative workshops and engaging speakers, we’re certain you’ll walk away from this four-day festival inspired and armed with practical tips for living a more sustainable lifestyle.

For more information about Zero Waste Festival, follow the event on Instagram or visit our Zero Waste Fest page.

In addition to this online festival, we are putting together some other awesome online events and meet ups. Stay tuned, check out our events page.

Shopping waste free

While we can’t fill up our jars or produce bags these days, there are still options to reduce your waste when you shop:

  • Check out our previous blog on local zero waste businesses offering up waste-free refill and delivery services.
  • Continue to choose products that are packaged in low-waste or reusable materials.
  • Many grocery stores still let you bring your own bag, you simply have to pack your own groceries.

In fact, here’s a little positive note: Calgary Co-op members took a stand against plastic bags and their voices were heard. On May 5, 2020 Calgary Co-op began banning reusable bags in their stores. Up until this point customers were permitted to bring their own bags but had to bag their groceries themselves, which was logical and safe. Less than a week later, the dedication of Co-op’s customers to reduce waste and saying “no to plastic bags” pushed the chain to rescind its ban on reusable bags! Such enthusiasm is proof that this current state we live in will end and zero waste lifestyles will resume again soon and likely in safer, smarter ways.

So stay safe, stay positive, and keep on doing your best.

~ Briana

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